Commonly neglected maintenance items for gas Bounders:                  05/2014

1. Flush and change your engine antifreeze every two years for regular antifreeze or
every three years if you have extended life antifreeze in your coach. The five year
100,000 mile specs for extended life antifreeze are questionable and cause a lot of
radiator failures.

2. Your brake fluid should be flushed/replaced every two years to limit the accumulation
of moisture in the fluid. Moisture can cause corrosion and brake fade if allowed to
accumulate in the fluid over time. Motor home brakes seldom wear out. They fail from

3. Change your power steering fluid every two years. The power steering fluid works in a
very hot system and the oil will lose its lubricating ability long term. Check it by smelling
it. It will smell burnt as it deteriorates.

4. Change your transmission oil and external filter (if yours has an external filter) after
5,000 miles on new coaches, and every 25,000 miles after that. Synthetic oils can
increase your change interval, but it is still best to change out a newer coach at 5,000
miles to get the break-in particles out of the transmission. Even with synthetic oils, I
prefer to maintain the 25,000-mile change interval. The oil costs a heck of a lot less then
a transmission rebuild.

5. Differential oil should also be changed at 5,000 miles on a newer coach to remove the
break-in particles. The differentials have no filtration and the oil’s metallic particle count
can skyrocket during the break-in process. After the first change you can then extend
your change interval as you see fit, but again I still prefer to change it at 25,000-mile
intervals for safety’s sake. Once you change the oil and look at it in the bright sunlight
realizing that it looks like aluminum paint you will see why I change mine often. High
metallic particle count in the oil will greatly accelerate the wear of internal bearings and
gears causing an ever-increasing particle count until eventual differential failure. NOTE:
Tell your service person to change it, not just check it, or he will probably not change it.
Make sure he replaces the oil with the proper type for your coach!

6. Change your fuel filter at least once a year on gas coaches. There are many reports
out there of fuel pump failures and roadside stalling due to fuel filters clogging up and
even collapsing internally. Think about how much more fuel goes through a motor home
filter then a car, and you will see why they tend to clog up quicker.

7. (P-30 Chassis owners GM or Workhorse) be sure and have your automatic parking
brake system checked/adjusted for proper operation at least once a year. There is no
mechanical park lock inside the transmission and failure of the auto-park system can have
your motor home chasing you through the parking lot at the least expected moment, or
sitting by the roadside stalled due to malfunctions that commonly occur in this system.

8. Check all your battery water levels at least every three months.