Mid-America Bounders
                                      A Chapter of Bounders of America, Inc.

                                ARTICLE I - CHAPTER NAME

The Name of this non-profit organization shall be the Mid America Bounders (MAB), Chapter of
the Bounders of America, Incorporated (BOA).  This Chapter was created by Charter dated May
17, 1997

                                ARTICLE II – OBJECTIVES

1. PURPOSE:  To create a circle of friends of common interest among Bounder owners, to visit
locations in our territory which will create a rewarding atmosphere of fun, fellowship and
education at each of our rallies.

2. AREA/SCOPE: This Chapter shall be authorized to function in Illinois, Iowa, Indiana and
surrounding states.


The bylaws of BOA are herewith adopted in their entirety, insofar as they may apply to this
chapter and as promulgated by Bounders of America, Inc.  The supplemental bylaws contained
herein shall define only the operation of this chapter and only to the extent that such
supplemental bylaws are not inconsistent with the bylaws of BOA.

                                ARTICLE IV – MEMBERSHIP  

1. ELIGIBILITY: To be eligible for and to maintain active membership in this Chapter, a person
must own a Bounder motor home, produced by Fleetwood Corporation, be a member and in good
standing with BOA and meet the dues requirement and provisions set forth in the Bylaws of this
Chapter. Membership in the Chapter shall not be denied to any person because of race, sex,
religion, color, marital or family status, age, nationality or disability.

2. The term “Membership”, as used herein, is defined as a family unit, consisting of husband and
wife or an adult person or a couple sharing a BOA membership number.

3. ANNUAL DUES: Annual payment of MAB and BOA dues enables persons to become active
members and entitled to all rights and privileges of MAB and BOA. The annual dues for
membership in this Chapter shall be an amount the membership shall establish from year to year
by resolution
at a general meeting. (See Standing Rules).

4. RENEWAL: Renewal dues from Chapter members become due and payable at the beginning of
the fiscal year.

5. INITIAL APPLICATION: Application for new membership shall be accompanied by payment
of annual MAB dues (and BOA dues along with a completed BOA Application for Membership,
unless already a BOA member).

6. ARREARS: Any member whose dues remain unpaid for more than 2 months after becoming
due shall be deemed to have forfeited membership and will have no further right, title, or interest
the affairs, conduct or property of MAB.

7. Membership dues become the property of the chapter and will not be reimbursed upon
termination of membership.

8. Honorary Lifetime Designation may be conferred on former chapter members who were a vital
part of founding this chapter or former members who have significantly contributed to this
chapter but who no longer qualify for regular membership.  They pay no dues, have no voting
privileges, nor may they hold any elected office.


The fiscal and organizational year of this chapter of BOA, shall commence on Oct. 1, and end on
Sept. 30.


CHAPTER OFFICERS: Chapter officers shall consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary,
and Treasurer. The same person may hold the office of Secretary and Treasurer but the two
offices shall not be combined. Duties of elected officers shall not conflict with the BOA Bylaws.

Duties of Officers:

The President:

*Is the principal executive officer of MAB and exercises supervision and control of its affairs.

*Promotes the welfare and progress of the MAB.

*Presides at all meetings of the general membership.

*Appoints members of all committees except the Nominating Committee.

*Is ex-officio member of all committees except the Nominating Committee.

(B) The Vice President:

*Assists the President and performs duties assigned by the President.

*Shall preside in the absence of the President at any meeting, or in his inability, fulfills the duties
of the President.

*Is responsible for scheduling rallies for the next fiscal year.

(C) The Secretary:

*Shall perform the statutory duties of MAB and is responsible for maintaining the Chapter

*Shall record the minutes of all Chapter business meetings and report the same at the next
Chapter meeting.

*Shall make all required reports to BOA.  Reports are to be made by the last week of September
of each year.  Reports are to include a list of incumbent officers, a current list of the Chapter
membership and assurance that at least two (2) business meetings were held.  Names of officers
appointed to fill unscheduled vacancies shall be reported on a timely basis.

*Shall promptly report the results of any election of officers including names, addresses and
phone numbers of all elected individuals.

(D) The Treasurer:

*Shall receive, safeguard and hold all Chapter funds in the name of MAB and serve as trustee and
fiscal agent.

*Shall keep accurate records of all Chapter funds and render reports on same at each business
meeting or as may be required by the MAB Executive Board.

*Shall disburse Chapter funds only for authorized purposes.

*Shall insure that the annual audit is conducted.


The elected officers of this Chapter shall serve a (2) two-year term of office.

The President and Vice President may serve three 3 consecutive terms if elected.  

If the nominating committee cannot identify a qualified candidate for a respective office, then the
incumbent may be elected to an additional term.        

Having vacated the position of President or Vice President for a period of one term, the individual
may again be elected to the respective office.

4. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: The Executive Committee shall consist of the President, Vice
President, Secretary and Treasurer.  The President shall be chairman of the Executive Committee.
The Executive Committee shall meet from time to time to formulate long-range plans for the club,
make recommendations to expel any member that does not meet the criteria of the MAB or the
BOA and provide advice and counsel as required.

5.  VACANCY: If the office of the president is vacated for any reason except expiration of term,
the vice president of the Chapter shall perform the duties and shall be installed in the office at
the next regular meeting.   If an office other than the president is vacated for any reason except
expiration of term, the vacancy shall be filled by the Nominating Committee from among good
standing members of the Chapter.

                                ARTICLE VII – COMMITTEES


A. The Nominating Committee shall consist of three (3) Chapter members in good standing,
nominated and elected by the Chapter membership during regular elections in September and shall
serve for the next fiscal year.  

B. Election of an individual to the Nominating Committee shall not prohibit that person from being
nominated for elected office.


*To select one of its members as Nominating Committee Chairman.

*To nominate all persons to fill Chapter offices, including a President, Vice President, Secretary,
Treasurer and 3 members to serve on the next Nominating Committee.  During the nominating
process, the nominating committee shall accept nominations from the floor.

*To obtain clear acceptance of the nominees to serve the Chapter should they be elected.

*To make certain that the nominated candidates are members in good standing and qualified under
applicable BOA and MAB bylaws.

*To report their slate of officers and any nominations from the floor to the membership at the
August Rally.

*To nominate candidates to fill unscheduled vacancies that occur in elected Chapter Offices,
throughout the fiscal year.

* To strive to obtain at least 2 nominees for each position.

2. APPOINTED COMMITTEES: Committee members and Chairperson (except Nominating
Committee) shall be appointed by the President.

A. DUTIES: All committees shall function within the policies of the Chapter and under the
direction of the President. Financial Reports, vouchers and monies due the Chapter shall be
submitted on timely basis.

B. QUORUM: A Committee quorum shall be a majority of committee members present.


1. AUTHORITY: This chapter shall be democratically self-governed, deriving its existence and
authority from the consent of its membership assembled in meetings or, in certain instances, by
mail vote on stated propositions.

any mandatory requirements stipulated in the BOA Constitution and Bylaws insofar as they may
apply to this Chapter.

3. MAINTAINING AFFILIATION: This Chapter must maintain a minimum of five (5) family unit
members and provide a current list of members to BOA on a timely basis.


A. “MEETING” shall include coach rallies or any other gatherings suitable to the function of the
Chapter and duly announced to the Chapter membership. Members shall not be required to attend
any number of meetings nor any meetings at all; however, members are encouraged to attend as
many meetings as possible.

B. “BUSINESS MEETING” The Chapter must hold at least two (2) business meetings each
membership year at which a quorum is present. Said meetings must be at least fourteen (14) days
apart and be duly announced in advance to the membership.

C.“ANNUAL MEETING”: One of the Business Meetings must be an annual meeting at which the
voting membership elects a president, vice president, secretary and treasurer and/or member of
the nominating committee as necessary.  

E. “VOTING”: Except as specified elsewhere in these Bylaws, a simple majority vote of members
present and in good standing shall be considered a quorum.  A quorum is required to approve or
disapprove any matter including elections.  The Chapter has established that each family member
shall have one (1) vote.  Balloting by mail/e-mail may be undertaken when a proposed matter is
voted to be of such importance or urgency that a total membership vote is advisable.

F. PARLIAMENTARY PROCESS: The rules contained in the current edition of ROBERTS RULES
OF ORDER, NEWLY REVISED shall govern this Chapter in all cases to which they are applicable
and in which they are not inconsistent with the Constitution and Bylaws of BOA, and of this


An annual audit of the Chapter's financial books and records shall be undertaken and reported to
the membership at each October rally. The Chapter President shall appoint an auditor(s) annually.

                                ARTICLE IX – ELECTIONS

1. ANNUAL ELECTION: The general membership is to elect Chapter officers, including a
President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.  The annual election shall be held at the
September Rally (for installation on October 1), or by mail/e-mail ballot if the Chapter does not
have a rally by September 30th. If voting is by mail/e-mail, the ballots should be sent by
September 1st and returned by September 20th. Mail ballots must have space for write-in votes.
If the election is at a rally, the Nominating Committee shall place in nomination their slate of
officers then nominations from the floor shall be called for.

                        ARTICLE X - AMENDMENT OF BYLAWS

1. MANDATORY AMENDMENTS: BOA Bylaw Amendments applicable to MAB operations shall
be automatically adopted by the Chapter and are not subject to voting by the Chapter membership.


A. MAB Bylaws may be amended by a 2/3 affirmative vote of the members present and voting at
a duly-called meeting, providing that prior notice of at least thirty (30) days has been given of
the proposition(s) to amend. Balloting may be by mail/e-mail in lieu of a duly called meeting.

B. Any member of the Chapter may propose changes in the Bylaws by submitting them to the
Executive Committee for consideration.  Proposals must be in writing and clearly state the
proposed change(s). Approved amendments to these Bylaws become effective immediately upon
their adoption or at such time as specified in the amendment.

C.  DISTRIBUTION: Copies of changes, additions, amendments, or revisions to these Bylaws shall
be forwarded to the BOA and to the National Area Vice President.


In the event of dissolution of the MAB Chapter of BOA, by ¾ majority vote of the Chapter
members present at a stated meeting, all of the remaining assets of the Chapter, after payment of
just debts, shall be contributed to a qualified charity or charities chosen by the Executive

                        ARTICLE XII - STANDING RULES:

Standing rules may be adopted to establish or clarify Chapter policies and practices not related
to parliamentary procedures and are subordinated to, and in accordance with MAB bylaws.  
Standing Rules are adopted or amended by a majority vote.  This action may be done at any
regular meeting by a vote of those present.

(Effective September 18, 2009)
(Amended May 18, 2013, Article IV, Section 8)
(Amended August 22, 2015, Article VIII, Section 4, Paragraph C)
(Amended August 22, 2015, Article VIII, Section 4, Paragraph E)