If you have Bounder Battery problems, consider this:

If your chassis battery goes dead while parked with 110 volt hookup, this is the likely culprit!

If your coach batteries go dead while driving this is also the likely culprit!

If your Jumpstart push switch on the dash fails to work this is likely the cause of the problem,
unless both sets of batteries are dead!

     The chassis battery will sometimes lose it's charge while the shore line is hooked up and power
on. The culprit is the starter style solenoid that is visible inside the BCC (battery control center)
chassis/coach interface box under the hood or in the top of the propane compartment on newer units.
It is engaged automatically by the solid-state controller circuit after a short timeout when ever the
shore power is on so both battery sets are maintained by being connected together. They use a cheap
design copper contact solenoid that corrodes quickly when engaged for long periods of time. The
cure is to get number BWD-S 603 solenoid from O-Reilly's Auto Stores. It has silver plated
contacts and will not deteriorate so easily. Don’t let them sell you any other (will fit!).

     The solenoid is the same one that engages when you use the push to jump-start switch. I have
fixed ours temporarily a couple of times by just engaging the jump start switch rapidly several times
to break through the dirty connection. The S-603 runs $38.99 as opposed to the Fleetwood copper
part for $52.00. Anyway if you have the problem you now know where to look. This is a very
common problem and I have fixed at least a dozen or so now with the S-603 solenoid and have never
had to repair any a second time once they have been repaired with the S-603.

     By the way another way to verify the solenoid is the problem, would be to use a digital volt
meter and check the voltage to ground on each of the two heavy terminals on the solenoid switch. One
would be lower then the other with the shore power plugged in and converter up and running
indicating no or poor connection through the solenoid.

     Yes, the solenoid switch in question is just like the old Ford starter solenoids.

     Never work/or disassemble the (B)attery (C)ontrol (C)enter with out disconnecting the shore
power cord, all batteries and removing the roof mounted solar panel fuse (FIRST) in the BCC. If
you disconnect the batteries and the coach is parked out in a bright sunny day, the solar panel can
put 18-24 Volts into the BCC circuit board because of the lack of battery load to charge. That can
be why there are occasional failures of the BCC circuit board. Again 9 out of 10 failures of the
chassis battery charging circuit while parked are caused by the corrosion in the solenoid switch that
can be cured by changing to the better one (BWD S-603) with silver plated contacts inside.

                                                                                     Mid-America Bounders – Bob Young