ADOPTED SEPTEMBER 18, 1999 – REVISED August 22, 2015

1.        Mid-America members may invite a Bounder Buddy to attend a Chapter Rally
whenever space is available.

2.        A Bounder Buddy is welcome to attend two (2) Chapter Rallies per calendar year.

3.        Only Mid-America members are eligible for rally door prizes.

4.        Charity (50/50) raffles are open to all rally attendees.

5.        All rally attendees will pay up to $10.00 per person (age 12 or over), as needed
per rally host discretion.  Extra guests in a coach will be responsible for any required extra
costs, campground deposits and/or meal costs.

6.        Beginning Year 2000 – ALL DUES will be payable in May.  

7.        If dues are delinquent more than 60 days after notification, the Newsletter will
not be mailed until dues are paid in full.

8.        Each rally shall be hosted by at least two couples.

9.        Damage or loss of personal items used at a rally will not be reimbursed by the