Saturday, August 20, 2016.  Hickory Hollow Campground, Utica, IL

President Pat Robison called the August, 2016 business meeting of the Mid-America Bounders to
order at 6;45 P.M.  MAB members in attendance were Lynn and Shirley Blair, Morris and Linda
Deewall, Herb and Sue Feltner, Jerry and Carol Hardacre, Joe Nash, John and Ruth Serio, Steve
and Debbie Rittenhouse, Tom and Judy Robinson, Pat and Carol Robison, Larry and Jolly Ann
Whitener, Bob and Paula Young, and Jean and Barb Zielinski.

The meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance. The minutes of the October, 2015 meeting were
read and approved.  A Treasurer’s report was given and approved. $100.45 was sent to our 2015
charity, The Kawasaki Disease Foundation.   


Lynn Blair showed the informational brochures he had designed and were printed for handing out to
prospective new MAB members. Pat Robison listed the MAB shirts still available from Kathy
Groves.  He also showed the 3 remaining MAB coach banners he had for $10 each.


The Nominating Committee presented a slate of officers for the September election:
President - Rick Groves
Vice-President - Jerry Hardacre
Secretary - Carol Hardacre
Treasurer - Jolly Ann Whitener
Nom. Comm. Member - Jean Zielinski
Also nominated from the floor was Steve Rittenhouse for President.

Following a discussion on the voting process, Jean Zielinski moved to have voting by e-mail and
regular mail with ballots sent by Sept. 1 and to be returned by the next rally (September 15). This
was seconded by Jerry Hardacre and approved by voice vote.

Since this was the first business meeting of 2016 it was time to choose the designated charity for
the year.  Jerry Hardacre nominated the ALS Foundation. This charity designates 78% to research,
8% to administration and 16% toward fund-raising. Jean Zielinski seconded the nomination  Shirley
Blair moved to accept this as our designated charity, John Serio seconded. This was passed

It was voted to hold the Christmas Luncheon on Monday, Dec. 5 at the Beef House in Covington, IN
at 1P.M. Eastern time.

Lynn Blair reported about a new BOA Website being designed. Each chapter may have a portion of
this website for their chapter information.

Since 2017 is the 20th Anniversary of Mid-America Bounders there was a discussion of how to
celebrate this special occasion, with nothing decided.

It was announced that a BOA International Rally will be held Sept. 19 - 23 in Gettysburg, PA. Look
for details in an upcoming Beacon.


Sept. 15 - 18, at Shipshewana South Campground, a joint rally with Michigan Bounders, at
Shipshewana, IN. Hosts are Robisons and Feltners. New owners of the campground will be charging
$25 rental of the campground building for each event held there. A discussion of when the building
was really needed ensued, questioning whether breakfast as a group was necessary and other ways
to cut back.  A motion was made, seconded and approved to rent the building Saturday evening and
Sunday morning, with the rent coming from the MAB treasury.  

October 20 - 23, at Sundermeier’s RV Park in St. Charles, MO, hosted by Whiteners and Robisons.

There are currently no rallies yet for the 2017 season.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:45 P.M.

                                 Respectfully Submitted, Paula Young, MAB Secretary