2012 MEETING MINUTES
                                    GALESBURG EAST HOLIDAY TRAV-L PARK
                                             KNOXVILLE, IL
                                              June 23, 2012

    PRESENT: Bob & Paula Young, Jolly & Larry Whitener, Dan & Niecy Milner, Bill Andrews
    & Charlotte Haley, Rick & Kathy Groves and their granddaughters, Kyra & Cordeliah.


    President, Rick Groves, called this very informal meeting to order after our
    dinner on Saturday.  We had a moment of silent prayer remembering all of our MAB
    members who were undergoing medical challenges as well as other adversities, and
    especially our sympathies to Beth Bailey on the death of Bruce at the GLASS Rally.   

    MINUTES:  Reading of the Minutes of the previous meeting were waived.

    TREASURER’S REPORT:  Reading of the reasurer’s Report was waived.

    OLD BUSINESS:  No old business.


    Jolly offered discussion about our Charity for the year of 2012 and suggested that we
    keep the Lustgarten Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research for another year.  A
    motion was made by Paula Young, and seconded by Larry Whitener.  The motion passed.

    Rick encouraged us to keep rallies in mind for next year and asked everyone to step up
    to host or co-host.  Everyone should encourage the new members to co-host with an
    experienced member.

    This is also the year that we elect new officers, so please let the nominating committee,
    chaired by Paula Young, know if you would be willing to serve.  

    The meeting was adjourned.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Kathy Groves, Secretary