JUNE 17, 2017 MINUTES
                                         RUSTIC BARN CAMPGROUND & RV PARK        
                                                KIELER, WISCONSIN 53812

Bill Andrews, Lynn & Shirley Blair, Jerry & Carol Hardacre, Tom & Karla Hintermeister, Louis &
Dee Murray, Joe Nash, Steve & Debbie Rittenhouse, Pat & Carol Robison, Jim & Karen Sparke,
Larry & Jolly Ann Whitener, Bob & Paula Young.

The meeting was called to order at 9:30 a.m. by President, Steve Rittenhouse followed by the
Pledge of Allegiance.

The minutes of the October 21, 2016 meeting were read by Secretary, Carol Hardacre.  A motion
was made by Bob Young, seconded by Joe Nash that the minutes be approved as presented.  Motion
was unanimously passed.


The following report was submitted by our Treasurer, Jolly Ann Whitener as of June 17, 2017:

     Balance as of October 21, 2016                      
             Dues & 50/50 & Fines                $98.50
             Shirts/Pins                                  87.00
             Sparke          Sept/Oct                40.00
             Left Shipshewana                       
  71.00     $296.50
             Robison Coffee Pot &
             Supplies                                     74.99
             ALS Donation                           216.75
             Stamps/Env                              123.27
             WCTC Foundation                     100.00
             Rittenhouse –Pins
             Supplies July                             382.14
             Robison – Lg Env                          23.00      $920.15

      Balance as of June 17, 2017                                $666.16

A motion was made by Pat Robison and seconded by Lynn Blair that the Treasurer’s Report be
accepted and filed for audit.  Motion was unanimously approved, passed.

OLD BUSINESS:  MAB Host & Co-Hosts are needed for the August & October rallies.  Please
contact Jerry Hardacre or any officer and they will work with you so we can all have a great time
finishing out our camping season.

20th ANNIVERSARY RALLY will be held on July 20-23, 2017, at Prairie Pines Campground in
Rantoul, IL.  Our President , Steve Rittenhouse, stated that he has sent out invitations to present
and past members to come and enjoy this occasion with a catered meal plus a souvenir pin.

Rally Pictures: President Steve reminded all members to send pictures after each rallyto Kathy
Groves, kgroves45@gmail.com for the website.
MAB Apparel: All purchases of shirts, hats and sweatshirts can be bought from Shirley Blair.

NEW BUSINESS:  A warm welcome was extended to Tom and Karla Hintermeister “full timers”
from Clinton, IA.

     2018 BOA International Rally: MAB has been asked to do a 2018 BOA International Rally by
Jim Hall.  The last rally that MAB did was in 2011 at Amana Colonies, Amana, IA.  After much
discussion, one suggestion was made that Jim ask the Damn Yankees & Bay Area Bounders to join
forces to do a rally.  After further discussion, a motion was made by Pat Robison, seconded by Jim
Sparke that we are not willing to do a rally for various reasons.  Motion passed.

     Gettysburg 2017 International Rally Gift Basket: It was the consensus of MAB members that
we supply a gift basket for this rally.  We ask that members bring  items to be put in the basket
that would represent their area. A big basket will be provided for items.  Also, if anyone wishes to
donate a basket by themselves it is also appreciated.

     MAB Rally Fee: After much discussion, a motion was made by Paula Young that we continue to
collect our rally fees which are between $7.00 and $10.00/per person as determined by the Hosts,
and collected upon arrival at the rally. Joe Nash seconded this motion.  Motion passed. Any
remaining money that was not spent for the rally, is to be deposited into our treasury.

     MAB Club Dues: A discussion was held as to whether or not to raise our dues to $10.00 per
coach in 2018.  A motion was made by Jolly Ann Whitener and seconded by Jim Sparke not to raise
our dues.  Motion passed.

     October Rally: Shirley Blair presented an invitation for October 13-15, 2017 at Harbor Cove
RV Resort in Coldwater, MI.  MOB has invited MAB for a fun rally to close out our camping
season.  This will be a “Chili Cook-off rally”.  Contact Shirley Blair for registration forms.

     Adjournment: A motion was made by Bob Young and seconded by Lynn Blair to adjourn the
meeting at 11:25 AM.   Motion passed unanimously!  

Respectfully Submitted,
Carol M. Hardacre