MID AMERICA BOUNDERS   -   May, 2013 Minutes

Saturday, May18, 2013 - D&W Lake Camping and RV Park, Champaign, IL

President Rick Groves called the meeting to order .  We opened with a prayer from Tom
Robinson, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. MAB members present were Bill Andrews, Sue
and Martin Cutter, Sue and Herb Feltner, Rick and Kathy Groves, Jim and Marsha Hall, Dan and
Niecy Milner, Russ Pearson, Tom and Judy Robinson, JollyAnn and Larry Whitener, Bob and
Paula Young, and Barb and Jean Zielinski.

Secretary’s minutes were read, motion to accept the minutes was made by Jim Hall, seconded
by Larry Whitener and approved by the members.

A report on the 2012 Christmas dinner was given.

An emailed “Sunshine” report from Carol Hardacre reported that Bob Isrealson continues to
make wonderful progress;  Tommie Nash has finished her last treatment and the lesion in her
head has disappeared; Nina Francis is doing well; Tom Holmes continues to show
improvement, but has a long way to go, he is continuing therapy at home in MN now.  A note
from Judy Hansen thanking the MABs for their concerns following Bob’s death was passed

A memorial service for founding member Phyllis Jones (who passed way last December in
Mission, TX) will be held on Saturday, June 22 from 1 to 4 P.M. at the Legion Hall in Washington,
IL.  It was decided to make a $100 donation in Phyllis’s name to the family’s designated charity.

JollyAnn Whitener gave a Treasurer’s report showing a current balance of $2304.30.  A motion
to accept this report was made by Jim Hall, seconded by Barb Zielinski and approved by the

MAB has new members - Terry and Renee Schulz from Elmwood, IL.  We look forward to
meeting them.

A list of upcoming rallies was given -
- June 20 - 22 - Hickory Hollow Campground, Utica, IL, hosts Robinsons and Feltners
-July 18 - 21 - no rally scheduled at present
- August 15 - 17 - Amishville USA Campgrounds, Geneva, IN, hosted by Hardacres and Feltners
-September 19 - 22 - Kentuckiana Kampground, Hopedale, IL, hosted by Youngs and Andrews
-October 17 - 20 - Casey KOA, Casey, IL, Hosted by Whiteners


There was discussion (continued from the MAB meeting last October) concerning amending by-
law Article 4, #8 which “confers an honorary lifetime designation on former members who were
a vital part of forming this chapter…”  to include “or former members who have significantly
contributed to this organization.”  A motion to make this amendment was made by Jim Hall,
seconded by Russ Pearson and approved by the members.


Following a discussion about memorial donations, Tom Robinson moved to give the executive
board discretion to make such donations, not to exceed $100.  This was seconded by Russ
Pearson and approved by the members.

A new roster of members was requested.  Members were reminded that such a roster is
available on our MAB website.

Dick and Joan Clay have decided not to rejoin MAB, leaving Dick’s position on the nominating
committee vacant.  Jim Hall volunteered to fill that position.

Rick Groves nominated Gale and Joan Scheller to be honorary lifetime members as per the new
by-law amendment.  This was seconded by Jim Hall and approved.

Since there is a need for the chapter to have heavy duty electrical cords and plugs for the
coffeepots, Bob Young volunteered to get these.

A motion by Russ Pearson to purchase a portable PA system was seconded by Sue Cutter and
approved by the members.

A discussion regarding replacing the current coffeepots with newer, more efficient models
resulted in a decision to purchase 2 new coffee pots as well as a hot-pot for heating water.  A
motion to do so was made by Marsha Hall, seconded by Jim Hall and approved by the members.

A motion to adjoin the meeting was made by Sue Feltner, seconded by Jean Zielinski and
approved by the members.

           Respectfully submitted by Paula Young, Secretary, June 17, 2013