Saturday, May 17, 2014 - Camp Lakewood, Effingham, IL

President Rick Groves called the May business meeting to order at 9:45 AM.  The meeting opened
with a prayer offered by Rick, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance by the members.  MAB members
in attendance were Bill Andrews, Lynn and Shirley Blair, Melvin and Nancy Coy, Morris and Linda
Deewall, Sue and Herb Feltner, Rick and Kathy Groves, Dan and Niecy Milner, Steve and Debbie
Rittenhouse, Tom and Judy Robinson, Pat and Carol Robison, Jolly Ann and Larry Whitener, and Bob
and Paula Young.

The minutes of the Oct., 2013 business meeting were read and approved.

A printed Treasurer’s report was handed out and approved by the group.

New members Steve and Debbie Rittenhouse from Champaign, IL were introduced and welcomed into
the MAB.

An explanation of our annual designation of a charity to receive monies realized from 50/50 ticket
sales and nametag fines was given for the new members.  Our charity for the last several years has
been the Lustgarten Foundation, a foundation dedicated to pancreatic cancer research.  This
foundation uses 100% of donated money toward their research with none of the donations going
toward the day-by-day operation of the foundation.  Bob Young made a motion to continue with this
charity.  Bill Andrews seconded the motion and it was approved unanimously.

Rick Groves announced the remaining rallies for the year -
   June 19 - 22, Lehman’s Lakeside RV Resort, Marengo, IL, hosted by the Zielinskis with the
Robinsons as co-hosts

   July 17 - 20, Pla-Mor Campground, Bremen, IN, hosted by the Halls with co-hosts, the Robisons

   August 14 - 17, Peaceful Waters Campground, Bloomingdale, IN, hosted by the Coys with the
Waltons as co-hosts

   Sept. 11 - 14, Double J Campground, Chatham, IL, hosted by the Whiteners

   Oct. 7 - 11, BOA International Rally at Lake Conroe North KOA, Montgomery, TX

   Oct. 16 - 19, host and location still needed

SUNSHINE REPORT from Carol Hardacre -

The Isrealsons plan to sell their Bounder.
Beth Bailey is downsizing and selling her Bounder.
Helen and Paul Schatz have also sold their Bounder.  
Alice Blind is in ICU in Indianapolis in critical condition.

Cards were passed around to be signed; a sympathy card for Jerry Hardacre on the sudden death of
his brother, and a get well card for Alice.

With elections upcoming in September,  the nominating committee (Paula Young, Jim Hall and Carol
Hardacre) is open to volunteers or suggestions for new officers.

Sue Feltner gave a report from BOA - Ed Sims, Exec. Vice President, is selling his Bounder, resulting
in an opening for 2’nd Vice President.  This replacement will be appointed by the Executive Committee.

Kathy Groves had samples of new MAB shirts to try on and purchase or order for later delivery.

Kathy also gave an update on the MAB website, reminding our members how to access the secure
portion of the site which is password protected.  Kathy also requested recipes for the website and
any pictures or explanations of updates done on our Bounders for a section called “Look What We’ve
Done”.  Bob Young has been asked to include articles such as he submits to the Beacon so they are
accessible, especially to new members.

Following a motion to adjourn by Larry Whitener, seconded by Sue Feltner, the meeting was
adjourned at 10:35 A.M.

        Respectfully submitted by Paula Young, MAB secretary, July 9, 2014