Saturday, May 16, 2015  Shipshewana So. Campground, Shipshewana, IN

President Pat Robison called the May business meeting to order at 9:30 A.M. MAB members in attendance were Bill
Andrews, Blairs, Melvin Coy, Feltners, Robinsons, Robisons, Whiteners and Youngs.  The meeting opened with the
Pledge of Allegiance followed by words of greeting from Pat Robison.  Sue Feltner followed with an opening prayer.

The minutes of the September, 2014 meeting were read and approved.  Jolly Ann Whitener handed out copies of
the treasurer’s report and this was also approved.


Kathy Groves reports that she has polo shirts, sweatshirts and T-shirts available.


There was a discussion about increasing host fees from the “up to $10.00 per person” current amount.  This was
last done in October, 2012.  The group decided to leave fees as is for now and revisit this in the fall.

It was time to designate a charity for this year. Shirley Blair gave a presentation on Kawasaki Disease.  The Blairs
became aware of this disease when their young grand-daughter became ill and was diagnosed with Kawasaki
Disease.  This disease mimics routine childhood diseases, but, if untreated causes inflammation in the coronary
artery wall and can lead to serious damage to the heart.  Once identified, highly effective treatment is available.  
100 % of donated monies that are directed toward research of Kawasaki Disease actually does go toward that
research. A motion to designate this as our charity for 2015 was made and approved.

Discussion about getting a rough agenda for upcoming rallies, especially about planned meals, resulted in an
agreement that this would be helpful.  It was suggested that the host should send an agenda to members when they
notify the host that they have made their reservations.
We were reminded that 2017 is the 20th Anniversary for the Mid-America Bounders.

A get well card was passed around for James Sparke, a new member.  James and Karen Sparke, from Baraboo, WI,
planned to be in Shipshewana, but, due to a table saw accident, had to cancel.  We look forward to meeting them in
the future.

We have another new couple, Daniel and Nena Wheat from Greenwood, IN., we hope to also meet them in the

Pat Robison thanked everyone for their thoughts and prayers during his extended “down time” - with 6 surgeries
and 8 hospital stays from July, 2014 to April, 2015.

We were reminded to keep seeking new members - carry BOA and MAB membership applications in your coach in
case you come across another Bounder in your travels who is not already a member.


June 18 - 21 -  D&W Lake RV Park, Champaign, IL, hosted by the Deewalls        
       and Youngs
July 16 - 19 -  Sugar Creek Campground, Crawfordsville, IN, hosted by the
       Robisons and Blairs
August 20 - 23 - White River Campground, Cicero, IN, hosted by the Coys
        and Hardacres
Sept. 17 - 20 -  probably will be held in conjunction with the BOA
        International Rally in Charlotte, N.C. (Sept. 29 - Oct. 3)
October 15 - 18, T.B.A.  need host

Please start to plan now and consider hosting in 2016.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:30 A.M.

Respectfully submitted, Paula Young, MAB Secretary