MAY 18, 2018  MINUTES
                                                                          ARCHWAY RV PARK
                                                                             MT. VERNON, IL

Bill Andrews, Lynn & Shirley Blair, Jerry & Carol Hardacre, Louis & Dee   Murray, Steve & Debbie Rittenhouse, Pat &
Carol Robison, Mike & Shelia Scott, Don & Vicki Sommers, Larry & Jolly Ann Whitener.

The meeting was called to order at 9:30 a.m. after breakfast by President, Steve Rittenhouse followed by the Pledge
of Allegiance.

The minutes of the June 17, 2017, meeting were read by Secretary, Carol Hardacre.  A motion was made by Pat
Robison, seconded by Lynn Blair that the minutes be approved as presented.  Motion passed.

The following report was presented by our Treasurer, Jolly Ann Whitener as of May 18, 2018:  

Balance as of June 17, 2017                                                        $ 666.16

      Dues                                $  65.00
      50/50 & Fines                     152.00
      Shirts/Pins                          183.00
      McBride for Gail                    50.00
      Left Effingham                      25.00
      Left Rantoul                         50.65                $715.65                

      Bob Young Name Tags           $   7.56  
      Steve Rittenhouse 20th Anv.    160.43
      Steve Rittenhouse (Gail L)          50.00        
      ALS Donation For Year             227.65     
      Checks                                        20.00                 
      Pat Robison/Labels/Postage       38.84        

Balance as of May 18, 2018                                                        $ 877.33   
A motion was made by Pat Robison, seconded by Lynn Blair that the Treasurer’s Report be accepted and filed for
audit.  Motion was approved.

      We are looking for someone to step up and host a July, 2018 rally.  If interested, please contact V-P Jerry

      The NOMINATING COMMITTEE which consists of Rick Groves, Jim Hall, and Jean Zielinski have been contacted
regarding getting nominations for the offices of President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.    If you are
interested in serving your chapter as an officer,
please contact one of the Nominating Committee.  Jolly Ann Whitener does wish to continue serving as treasurer.
Ballots are due in August and voted on in September.  

      Our Treasurer, Jolly Ann Whitener, gave us a reminder that MEMBERSHIP DUES are to be paid by the end of
May, 2018.  Please check to see if you are current.   

BOA PLEA BY EXECUTIVE PRESIDENT, SHIRLEY BLAIR:    Shirley thanked everyone for their cooperation and she
brought brochures for all.  She stated that MAB is due to host a BOA International Rally in the fall of 2019
(preferably September).  She reminded us that we can use the Roo Valley Volunteers. There was some discussion
on this proposal but no decision made by MAB members.  

Apparel Sales of MAB t-shirts, hats, sweatshirts etc:  A suggestion
was made by Lynn Blair that we let each individual buy their own item  from a vendor that MAB chooses to work
with.  This will eliminate the need of a volunteer handling the details and the chapter would fund the set-up fee.  
Steve Rittenhouse will check into it for us.   

BOA INTERNATIONAL RALLY AT LEBANON, TN On SEPTEMBER 24-28, 2018:  In the past, we have contributed,
as a chapter, a basket to be donated at the BOA Rally.  After some discussion, a motion was made by Pat Robison
and seconded by Jolly Ann Whitener, that Mid-America Bounders donate two $25.00 Walmart gift cards out of our
treasury and then individuals who wish to can donate a gift or basket on their own.  Motion passed.

JUNE 14-17, KENTUCKIANA KAMPGROUND, 27585 Kentuckiana Rd.,
Mackinaw, IL.  309-449-3274.  When making reservations mention that you will be with the Bounder Rally.  $34.00
/night; $36.00/night with a/c; deposit not required.  No discounts available.  All sites are full hook-up and pull thru.  
Cash or personal check only. Credit cards
not accepted.  Activities will be held outdoors under a covered pavilion with RV sites very close by.  Hosts are Tim &
Nancy Kois.  Please RSVP to Nancy Kois @  Co-Hosts are Don & Vicki Sommers.  

July 19-22, 2018 – No rally planned at this time.

August 16-19, 2018, COUNTRY ROADS MOTORHOME AND RV PARK, 100S133 State Hwy. 23, Lake Delton, WI,
727-560-9972.  Reservations must be made prior to July 15, 2018.  Rates are $36.80/night, full hookup, Sites 32
thru 43,  Conveniently located near Wisconsin Dells attractions.  Host Jim and Karen
Sparke,  Co-Hosts  are Jerry & Carol Hardacre.

COMMUNITY CENTER, LEBANON, TN.  Check the Bounder Beacon for details.  

October 18-21, SUNDERMEIER’S RV Park, 111 Transit St., St. Charles, MO.,  800-929-0832, 636-940-0111.  Full
hook-ups.  The rates are $43.00 but we must have at least 10 rigs for that rate.  We will have the use of the Event
Room for the entire time.  Hosts are Jolly Ann & Larry Whitener,  They would like the
reservations by mid-September.  Everyone is to call and make their own arrangements with Sundermeier’s.

A motion was made by Pat Robison, seconded by Lynn Blair that the meeting be adjourned.  Motion passed.

                                              Respectfully submitted,

                                              Carol Hardacre, Secretary