MID AMERICA BOUNDERS -  October, 2012 Minutes

Saturday, October 20, 2012,  Sundermeier R.V. Park, St. Charles. MO

The October MAB meeting was called to order by President Rick Groves, followed by the Pledge of
Allegiance.  Present were Bill Andrews and Charlotte Haley, Joyce and Jerry Borkoski, Martin and
Sue Cutter, Morris and Linda Deewall, Herb and Sue Feltner, Rick and Kathy Groves with Kyra Hill,
Jerry and Carol Hardacre, Dan and Niecy Milner, Tom and Judy Robinson, JollyAnn and Larry
Whitener, and Bob and Paula Young.

Announcements were made -
 1) Jerry and Carol Hardacre were winners of a trip to Branson, MO, given away at the Indianapolis
FMCA Rally, by Adventure Caravans.
 2) We welcomed new members Morris and Linda Deewall of Godfrey, IL and Martin and Sue
Cutter of Sidney, IL

Carol Hardacre gave updates from the “sunshine” committee - Nina Francis had carotid artery
surgery and a coronary by-pass;  Bob Israelson continues therapy; Tommie Nash will be receiving
an experimental chemo therapy.

JollyAnn Whitener presented the treasurer’s report.  A motion to accept was made by Sue Feltner,
seconded by Jerry Borkoski and approved by the members.

An audit of the treasurer’s books by Charlotte Haley and Bill Andrews found the books to be in
order.  A motion to accept this audit was made by Bob Young, seconded by Herb Feltner and
approved by the members.


There was a very good response to holding the election of officers on-line with 75% of the
membership voting.  The slate accepted was:
      President - Rick Groves
      Vice President - Jerry Hardacre
      Secretary - Paula Young
      Treasurer - JollyAnn Whitener
      Nominating Committee member - Carol Hardacre


 Sue and Herb Feltner were honored with the Vice President’s annual recognition award.

 Following a discussion about the annual Christmas dinner, it was decided to meet at the Beef
House in Covington, IN.  Possible dates were Dec. 3 or Nov. 26, to be determined later.

Jerry Hardacre gave a report on 2013 rallies:
- May 16 - 19 in Champaign / Rantoul, IL area, hosted by the Groves
- June 20 - 23 at Hickory Hollow Campground, Utica, IL, hosted by Robinsons and Feltners
- July 18 - 21 - T.B.A.
- August 15 - 18 in Decatur, IN area, hosted by Hardacres and Feltners
- September 19 - 22 at Kentuckiana Kampground, Hopedale, IL, hosted by Youngs and Andrews
- September 24 - 28 - BU/BOA rally in Loudonville, OH, hosted by the Buckeye Bounders
- October 17 - 20 possibly in Effingham, IL area, hosted by Whiteners

 Sue Feltner gave a report from BOA encouraging the recruitment of new members to join BOA.
BOA is considering recognizing a “Chapter of Distinction” in each Bounder Beacon.  A short
discussion followed this idea with Paula Young suggesting that maybe an alternative would be to
highlight a chapter in each issue, giving a short history of how each chapter was organized, and so

 JollyAnn Whitener reported that there had been no income from 50/50’s or badge fines for a
donation to our charity - The Lustgarten Foundation.  Bob Young moved that $200 from the
treasury be sent as our annual donation.  This was seconded by Joyce Borkoski and approved by
the members.

 A reminder was given to bring information about charities for next year’s donation.

 A discussion was held concerning abolishing the half year fee (Standing Rule #7).  A motion to
make this change was made by Dan Milner, seconded by Bill Andrews and approved by the

 A discussion on raising the rally fee to $10 per person at the discretion of the rally host; amending
Standing Rule #6.  A motion to do so was made by Carol Hardacre, seconded by Dan Milner and
approved by the members.

 It was announced that Dick Clay will no longer serve as sheriff, so a new sheriff is needed to
conduct 50/50’s and collect name-tag fines.  (We were reminded that name-tags should be worn
from the Thursday evening get-together through Sunday breakfast.)  Bob Young volunteered to
serve as sheriff.  He also volunteered to research name-tag availability.

 Rick Groves reported on a possible amendment of by-law Article 4, #8 which “confers an
honorary lifetime designation on former members who were a vital part of forming this chapter….”
to include “former members who have significantly contributed to this organization”.  Discussion
of this change will be held at a later meeting.

 Larry Whitener moved to adjoin the meeting, this was seconded by Sue Feltner and approved by
the members.

                             Respectfully submitted June 18, 2013 by Paula Young