Saturday, October 19, 2013 - Casey KOA, Casey, IL

Vice-President Jerry Hardacre called the October business meeting to order at 6:45 P.M.  The
meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by a prayer from Carol Hardacre.  MAB
members present were Joyce and Jerry Borkoski, Carol and Jerry Hardacre, Carol and Pat Robison,
Jolly Ann Whitener and Paula and Bob Young.

The minutes of the May, 2013 business meeting were read - with a spelling correction.  A motion to
accept the minutes was made by Carol Hardacre, seconded by Jerry Borkoski and approved by the

There was no treasurer’s report (due to this meeting being decided on at the last minute).  Jolly Ann
requested that all bills be turned in to her and reimbursements will be mailed out.

New members Pat and Carol Robison were introduced.

Carol Hardacre gave a Sunshine Committee report -
Gale Scheller announced that Joan is now dealing with Parkinson’s Disease.
Herb Feltner is being treated for a heart problem.
Bob Isrealson continues to recover, now is able to drive his car.
Tommie Nash is now on Hospice care at home, but is comfortable.

There was no old business to discuss.

New business included an up-date on 2014 rallies -
    May 15 - 18 - Effingham, IL.  Hosted by Robinsons and Andrews
    June, 19 - 22 - Union, IL.  Hosted by Zielinskis and Robinsons
    July, 17 - 20 - Bremen, IN.  Hosted by Halls and Robisons
    August, 14 - 17 - Bloomingdale, IN.  Hosted by Coys and Waltons
    Sept., 11 - 14 - Chatham, IL.  Hosted by Whiteners.
    Oct. 7 - 11 - BOA International Rally at Lake Conroe North KOA, Montgomery, TX (Houston
    Oct. 16 - 19 - T.B.A.

Jerry Hardacre presented the 2013 Vice-President’s award to Jolly Ann and Larry Whitener in
recognition of their outstanding services to Mid America Bounders.

A motion to adjoin the meeting was made by Jolly Ann Whitener, seconded by Pat Robison and
approved by the members.  The meeting was adjoined at 7:00 P.M.       

      Respectively submitted by Paula Young, MAB secretary, Nov. 7, 2013